Sunday, January 6, 2008

somebody need a proofreader?

Last night at approximately 11:54 pm, Vanessa decided that we should go grocery shopping. She needed milk (it's like her water), among other things. I was not against the idea, since, while watching the debates, I had seen several times a rather convincing commercial for orange juice. And I must admit that my last trip to the grocery store, made while ill and resulting in things like bread, Saltine crackers, and dehydrated noodle soup, had left my cupboards and my diet a bit lacking. Oh wait, that was my second-to-last trip to the grocery store. The last time I got hint of lime Tostitos, salsa con queso dip, and sugary carbonated beverages. Hm, no better.

Albertsons was closed, so we went to Smith's. I had never heard of either of these stores before I moved to Utah, having grown up mostly with Giant (whose long-time former spokeswoman is, incidentally, from Utah) and Safeway. But Smith's was the closest store to my old apartment, and it became something of a dear friend. We saw each other usually around midnight the day a paper was due, when Claire and/or I decided that we needed caffeine and maybe something like lemon bars or goldfish. I had not been to Smith's since I moved to the new place, and it was sort of weird how a grocery store could conjure up so many memories.

Anyway, getting to my point. Smith's was having a great sale on cereal: 8 boxes for $8. (Vanessa loves cereal. Just ask her about Wheat Chex.) So we got 8 boxes between the two of us. But as I read the sign to see which varieties were eligible, I found this:

Um, I'm pretty sure that's not legal in this country.

Just to be safe, we stuck with Cheerios and Chex.


Vanessa Swenson said...

wheat chex=saviors on my mount zion, i tell you what.

rantipoler said...

I don't understand about the picture. What does it mean?

Nocturne said...

it took me a minute, but coca puffs sound good to me, i'm sure here in chicago i could find such a thing