Sunday, February 10, 2008

sometimes i like to pretend that i am a photographer

On Saturday afternoon I hopped on the 830 bus and headed "downtown" in an effort to speed up Netflix communications. After dropping my recently-viewed copy of The Fog of War into the blue metal belly of a mailbox with Saturday pickup, I began heading toward Smith's to pick up a few groceries.

Before I had traversed the three or four blocks to Smith's, I got distracted. It's not like I was in any hurry, anyway, and I had thought to bring my camera just in case something caught my eye.

So, now I share with you some of the scenes that caught my eye. Please join me in my wanderings around forgotten Provo.

1 comment:

rantipoler said...

I actually kinda miss Provo, which is unexpected. I do NOT, however, miss all that snow. Nice pics. ;)