Saturday, October 4, 2008

glory glory hallelujah

That's right, my friends, this blog post is coming to you direct from my new apartment.

At last, I can connect to the internets (yes, plural) at any hour of the day or night, from my sofa or from my kitchen table, heck probably even from the bathtub, if I weren't concerned about electrocution. Okay, so I haven't yet hooked up my wireless router (which is still tinged yellow from an incident with Claire's paint), so until then I'm pretty much limited to this spot on the floor where I'm sitting, or maybe on the edge of my bed if I arrange the cords just right.

I'll spare you the saga (I've told it to a couple of people and decided that it's not really as interesting as I had believed), but here are the highlights, by the numbers:
  • two internet service providers
  • three modems
  • a dozen customer service reps
  • two routings to an Illinois call center because the system got confused by my California address and my Utah phone number (Utah + California = Illinois?)
  • one technician
  • one bewildered, oft-frustrated, but after all happy internet customer
So, yes, I am delighted to finally have internet access in my home. Not to offend anyone with this post's title, however, I want to clear up any suspicions of sacrilege by noting that my having internet access now allows me to watch General Conference this weekend. I know, I know, the internet is not the only way that one can participate in Conference. However, (1) I do not own a tv, (2) I do not live within range of KBYU Radio, and (3) I don't really know where the Stake Center is (and I'd need the internet to look it up!) So. The technician just left about a half hour ago, so clearly I missed the live feed of today's Conference sessions. Fortunately, I can access the recordings with my brand new, shiny internet! So that's what I'm going to do now. Cheers.


chrome3d said...

It might be handy to have two connections as one might be dead every now and then. I know. Have good times with your connections.

Claire said...

yay for shiny internets!

Claire said...

too bad that didn't last longer

Ben Cluff said...

Hmmm, Utah+California=Illinois...I could see that...maybe...I was born in Utah, rasied in Cali, and I love Chicago, so maybe that means I'm s'posed to live in Illinois, not a bad idea.

Ben Cluff said...

p.s. I'm switching ISP's, could I just steal one of your internets, I'm already confused by the transition.