Thursday, September 24, 2009

wenatchee, washington.


Ben said...

What on earth were you doing in Wenatchee WA? My wife is from Eltopia, north of Pasco, so I've often heard of Wenatchee. Just curious. Good pics though.

skylark said...

What? Didn't you know Wenatchee's the hottest tourist destination these days? Somebody's been off the west coast too long.

So Mom & Dad flew out to meet me in Seattle for 5 days, and one day we drove east, through faux-Bavarian Leavenworth (think Solvang but kitschier and sort of desolate-feeling) with a stop at the salmon hatchery, on to Rocky Reach Dam where we went on the dam tour and saw the dam turbines and the dam fish slide, and then, looking for some fruit stand, we were practically out in Wenatchee so I insisted we drive through town just for the heck of it. We drove through Sonic and that was about it.

It was a pretty awesome field trip. I felt like I was 13 again.