Sunday, December 9, 2007


I was first introduced to Billy Collins (his poetry, not the man himself) by Claire about two and a half years ago. We would read aloud from Sailing Alone Around the Room and I remember being captivated by the way that he could form such vivid images with his words. "Forgetfulness", ironically, is the poem that seems to stick with me more than any other. It might have been the first one that I ever heard, but I cannot remember for sure. While forming my amazon wish list so that Santa won't have to guess which world music albums and poetry books I would like, I searched Wikipedia for a list of all of Billy Collins' published collections. In the "external links" section I found this. Amazing. Brilliant. And, as you might have guessed from this post's title, Inspiring.


Tres Jolie Julie said...

Love it. I found them a while back probably when I was searching for animated short films on youtube.

Sarah said...

Those are great...thanks for the post! ps I found your blog! :)

Michelle said...

Emily, It was fun seeing your comment on our blog. I finally got to responding and wandered over to your own blog.
David was so happy to see a Basque word. I was delighted to see you blogging about Billy Collins -- probably my favorite poet (alongside Neruda, of course). Like no other poet his poems stick in my mind and I sometimes get stuck on a poem the same way that one gets stuck on a song. Thanks for the link to action poems. We are bookmarking this fun sight. I love hearing him read his own poetry. He is dry and wonderful. See if you can find The Lanyard (a great mother's day gift by-the-way).

We missed you in Spain.