Sunday, March 16, 2008

so many ways to kill time...

...but i have yet to figure out how to resurrect it.

Translating a story called "Batracófilos y batracófobos" (I have yet to settle on a title, but roughly it means "Frog-lovers and Frog-haters"), I came across the word mosquitos. Unsure of whether or not the plural form in English has an e, I consulted an onine dictionary. There I found mosquitos and mosquitoes as acceptable forms, so I decided to googlefight them. Here are the results. The clincher, though, was the spelling in Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, a favorite book from childhood.

Googlefights are fun. As evidence of how what is on the internet can be taken too seriously, I present
exhibit a
exhibit b
exhibit c
exhibit d
and, as exhibit e, the real satisfaction that I derive from those results.
And for now, that will have to be all.


rantipoler said...

I think that you should make all of your major life decisions base don Googlefight. It's like a Magic 8 ball, only BETTER.

emily said...

it's true

rantipoler said...

P.S. Wikipedia says ranidaphobia or batrachophobia for fear of frogs. I love new words. You should make those two Googlefight. Also, ranidaphile exists but is described as an "abnormal affection towards frogs." Bactrchophilia means "sexually aroused by reptiles." Ew. The things you wished you didn't know. Maybe ignorance IS bliss.

Nocturne said...

I happen to suffer from Bactrchophilia and wish you would not mock me. jerk.

emily, google fight is great, i agree, but there is no replacement for OED's lost for words to base your life on.

emily said...


1) ew.

2) that is true. remember that day when i got "karoshi" and you got "foot-shooting"?

3) you have not blogged in a million years. what, you get married and forget how to write for your faithful blog-reading public (i.e., me)?