Thursday, December 11, 2008

without major incident

...but not without a minor one, today for the first time I biked to work. There was a bit of stumbling while crossing the six lanes of El Camino (notice how I make myself feel better by using passive voice?) but overall it worked out very nicely. In fact, it felt great. I haven't quite figured out how all the different speeds work, but at least I can feel cool saying that I have twenty-one of them. And while three and a half miles sounds like very little, I'm pretty sure I'll be worn out by the time I finish the second three-and-a-half home tonight. A healthy, keeping-the-air-clean, making-my-muscles-work, i'm-ready-for-bed-now sort of worn out.

And now, it's flashback time: for me, back to my college German classes when one of my favorite teachers introduced me to Die Prinzen; for some of you, perhaps, back to the early nineties when you secretly wanted to be a groupie for this punked-out German a cappella group. Come on, admit it.

Die Prinzen: "Mein Fahrrad" (My Bicycle)

And by the way, my sister is awesome. This is true for many reasons, but here I point out particularly the fact that mein Fahrrad is actually hers, on super-extended loan until I figure out what I want and save up the cash to buy it. Cool, right?


Kimberly said...

Way cool.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your bike riding skills. I love my bike -- it's perfect for my little tiny island.

Also, why do Germans sing such weird songs?

rantipoler said...

I'm so jealous you live close enough to bike. I have a fabulous bike and LOVE biking, but never get to ride it. It's also very scary to do so here in Nashville. People (as in drivers) don't know what to do with bikers. And no bike lanes anywhere!

Tres Jolie Julie said...

This is the coolest vid ever. Then I realized the tenor sort of resembles you in a redhead, German cousin sort of way. Or maybe he could be related to James Spader.