Thursday, January 22, 2009

a grotesquely serendipitous combination

As seen in my Google Reader this morning: 

(click to enlarge... or don't)

Some things just need to be shared.


chrome3d said...

Snakes got to eat something. It´s only natural?

rantipoler said...

So do the animalitos and the oil go in the food processor? Ew!

Jared Blanco said...

this post is making me that bad?

skylark said...

A-L: I was thinking more like the rodents get blended and then fried in the oil into little croquetas, which could then either be fed to your snake or used to power your biodiesel car.

Jared: That's disgusting. You should go eat some people food. And by that I mean food intended for people, of course, and not the other way around.

Th. said...



There is no question these all go together.