Sunday, January 4, 2009

a year in preview: ABCs of 2009

Ah, the new year's resolutions. I never really liked that terminology. I think it's because the word resolution implies that a person means to do away with a problem that was left unsolved at the end of the last year, possibly due to a broken resolution made at the beginning of the last year. And so the typical new year's resolutions tend to be about the same every year, most items on the list remaining perpetually unresolved.

I am certainly not immune to the allure of new beginnings, but I prefer to think of the new year as a blank page rather than a blank slate. I'm taking pen to paper on a new chapter, not an entirely new book. And I didn't burn everything that my life wrote in previous years.

Well, now that I've set the semantic scenery (a conspicuous linguist am I), I give you now my list of twenty-six goals, predictions, and dreams for this year that we number 2009. Question them, critique them, adapt them into your own lists, make alternate suggestions, mock them; just please, don't call them resolutions. Thank you.

ABCs of skylark's 2009:
Canadian escapade
Dinner parties
Eccentric acquaintances
Forest exploration
Grad school applications
Hikes with new buddies
Iphone purchase
John Steinbeck pilgrimage
Kiwicha in Bolivia
Long bike rides
Modern dance
New blog
Oboe performance
Published translations
Quechua classes
Romance and heartbreak
Sufjan live
Twitter tweets
Underground art
Vegan experimentation
Weekend in Austin
Xerophyte adoption
Yuppietown to hippietown

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Tres Jolie Julie said...

Here's to 2009! Please update me about the twitter, vegan and grad school adventures in particular!