Saturday, November 1, 2008

etxerantz has a new sibling

That's right, I am the proud new parent of a bouncing baby blog!

Join me on a photographic exploration of my new neighborhood, day by day at Palo Alto Daily Photo.

Inspired by, and pending acceptance into, the City Daily Photo blog network.


Larry said...

Hi Skylark, I too believe that we are on the right track in our choice of Barack Obama. We need someone who can truly unite our people and our country and hopefully our planet. And we need it now! I am filled with hope and encouragement for the future.

Th. said...


I haven't been by to visit you in so long --- have you been in the Bay Area all this time? I did not remember. Nice photographs. You must have a good camera as well as a good eye.

skylark said...

Thanks, th.

For the most part, both my camera and my eyes do a good job doing what i need them to do.

If you mean "all this time" as in since the beginning of August, then yes.

If you mean "all this time" as in sometime longer than that, then yes, possibly. I kind of feel like I've always belonged here, always "been" here, even though I physically moved here only a few months ago.