Wednesday, November 19, 2008

well that's great

In my readings lately (in blogs, emails, newspapers, and what have you), I have frequently come across the word grateful

Probably not abnormally frequently, but for some reason the word has stood out to me. 

It is not because I am particularly aware of the gratitude that I personally feel at this time in my life. I do, and I suppose that I am, but, at least consciously, that is not the reason behind all these gratefuls jumping out at me.

No, but rather because of some odd dance of neurons in my head it keeps occurring to me that grateful must mean full of grates. And yet I don't even picture grates. I picture graters.

That doesn't even make sense. The word is not graterful, after all.

The human brain can be so weird. You can expect more from me on this theme (meaning the brain's weirdnesses, and not necessarily graters, but perhaps grates) in the future.


Vanessa Swenson said...

you are a semanticists dream study. we could probably play 6 degrees of separation with any one word to another based on your mental word web.

skylark said...

ooo, sounds like fun!

let's play when you come to visit me in california.

it doesn't snow here!

rantipoler said...

That is quite an odd word.

chrome3d said...

Sometimes some words just stick there for a quite long time. Don´t worry, grateful will go away and be replaced by another odd word.

skylark said...

oh, i'm not worried.

i always delight in the present absurdity while looking forward to the next.

Tres Jolie Julie said...


This is a daily occurrence for me too.