Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and neon magenta

I finally got around to filing my taxes last night. Wait, did I say finally? Hey, it was barely even the 14th when I got that e-submission confirmation. This is cause for celebration.

Ah, the internet. Helping me to get away with procrastination. And to feel good about myself when I beat a deadline by one day.

Speaking of celebration, though, it looks like I'm in line for a hefty refund from the United States Treasury and the State of California.

Suddenly the $600 price tag on this hot little number doesn't look too bad:


Mark said...

Even though you are probably paying a $300 premium for the color, it's totally worth it. That is a foxy bicycle.

skylark said...

I know, right? And this picture doesn't even show the leopard-print saddle. I'm not joking.