Thursday, April 23, 2009

maybe pomegranate is passé by now

But this still caught my eye:

Pretty, eh? (Besides the resolution. Sorry. Cameraphone.)

It's really too bad I didn't decide to splurge on a bottle, because when I got to the checkout line the store's computers were down, and though I thought we were just going to wait a few minutes until they were back up, shortly thereafter the clerks started bagging groceries and sending us off, "whole paycheck" intact.

Of course, this happened on the day I got totally boring stuff like onions and potatoes and cheap generic cereal, the only day I didn't have a single excessive item in my basket. Not that I'm complaining. Just observing.

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Kimberly said...

That's cool (both the story and the vinegar). I feel like maybe the pomegranate boom is slowing, too. I did hear that plum is supposed to be the new super food. I doubt it will ever take off, though, since they aren't $100/lb. P.S. If you ever want any pomegranates, let me know. They are one of the few things that grow here.