Tuesday, July 22, 2008

M oving day soon:

I n the deep blue carpet sea boxy islands of

S patulas sweaters skillets stilettos

P atiently wait,

L ook around at the place they know, soon to be

A bandoned

C alifornia taking over taking a chance recreating

E xistence

M ixer toaster teakettle up all night giggling in cardboard cuboid sleeping bags

E choes of their electric lighthearted chatter

N ot at all anxious about

T heir function in a new place


Kimberly said...

You really nailed it on the head (like always) but in such a creative way!

Anonymous said...

CALIFORNIA! Sounds awesome. Enjoy the adventure.

rantipoler said...

Mmmm . . . I like. I want to sing Al Jolson's "California, here I come" to you, but you can't hear me. :(

emily said...

shoot, i was planning on using that song as a blog post title, and you stole it! it's okay, though. we can still be friends. and don't worry, i heard you singing. :)

and thanks, all three of ya.