Thursday, July 10, 2008

on the road in the midwest

A few photographic highlights on and near the road between Chicago and Cleveland. All photos taken Tuesday 24 June.

Tobacco Town/gas station, next to the State Line Fireworks shop. Looks like a dangerous combination to me. Looking north along US 131, between Middlebury, Indiana and White Pigeon, Michigan. (The small blue sign near the center of the horizon marks the state line.)

Sure, you could buy one of those other newspapers, but wouldn't you rather have The Truth? At the Tobacco Town gas station.

Classic American midwest. Isn't it beautiful?

Guilt & Furniture Auction? Why would they auction... oh. That says Quilt. I was lookin' at it quick.

Ohmygosh that street is SO overlook. Really, that's what we both said when we saw the sign. Just east of Cleveland Clinic.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the best road sign. Okay, second best. I already mentioned the greatest sign that we spotted on the trip. Driving through Indiana we saw several road signs reading "Co Rd," which we quickly determined stood for "county road." The letters "Co Rd" would be followed by a number and a letter indicating a cardinal direction, something like 300 E or 450 S. So we're driving along and we see a sign that reads:

Co Rd 5OON

What does that look like to you? County Road SOON! Hey dummy, don't miss your exit, 'cause it's comin' up SOON! Whoops, there it went. Gee, thanks for the warning. Anyway when I looked at the sign a second time I realized that the S was in fact a 5. But I wasn't quick enough with the camera. I guess you gotta be ready when the sign says 5OON.

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