Monday, July 14, 2008

milestone, and job listing bloopers

Today I reached a milestone in the job search, in a figurative sense of course, as there was neither mile nor stone involved. Maybe I should go walk a mile with a stone in my hand just to literalize the event. Anyway, I hit the 100-application mark. I'm not really sure whether to celebrate or to despair, since apparently that's still not nearly enough.

Among the thousands of job listings that I have read during the past couple of months, I've found numerous amusing spelling mistakes. "Technical Writer" seems to trip up many a typist: variations include "techincial," "technicial," and the most common "techncial." Today I spotted an ad for an "Editor in Cheif," but my favorites are ads like "Proorfeader Needed." Yup, you sure do need a proofreader, huh? And the latest: somebody is looking for a "Fiance Specialist." What exactly does that job description entail, I wonder?


Vanessa Swenson said...

i'm totally looking for a fiance specialist, too. har har

maybe instead of doing applications you should just start your own Amway.

rantipoler said...

I think JC would be a great fiance specialist, since he so enjoys matchmaking.

FYI - Amway has changed its name to "Quixtar" in North America, although those that work for this company call it simply "the business." Creepy and mysterious, eh?