Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fine twined linens

My mother has given me many things, including:

these legs and good taste in textile design

also, these sweet Pumas and this gorgeous new duvet cover

which were exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Plus, she threw in the matching shams and coordinating sheets, AND two surprises:

How adorable is that?

Not to mention a plethora of throw pillows (she made the black&white covers herself).

Thanks, Mom!

(Now it's about time for me to crawl into that stylish bed. 'Night!)


Lynda said...

You put it together just right! It looks very pretty.

Em said...

I LOVE the patterns....on the bedding and on the pillows. Someday (like when I no longer have three-year-olds) maybe I can go with something other than dark solids...

rantipoler said...

You have a very talented mom and now I know where you get it from!