Wednesday, July 1, 2009

we can still afford to not make sense at all

Fanfarlo: a British band with a Swedish frontman and a name that may well be Esperanto. Never heard of them? Neither had I.

On Monday, NPR began streaming Fanfarlo's new album, Reservoir, as part of the All Songs Considered "Exclusive First Listen" series.

I listened. I liked it. A lot. So I bought it. For a dollar. And it was totally legal.

The musicians, "in the spirit of 'why not,'" as they put it, are offering a download of their new album for US$1 until July 4th, after which the CD & vinyl will hit stores.

Check out this video of Fanfarlo playing "Finish Line" in an English garden (naturally). For more, hear the whole album over at NPR, and find more audio and video plus the $1 download at the band's website.

Guess which one I have a crush on.


julieespinosa said...

Could be any of them, really, but I'll venture a guess on the lead singer. I just downloaded them too! :)

skylark said...

Wrong, but thanks for playing. Nobody else wants to guess?

chrome3d said...

1$ sounds like a good price. A bit low to make any earnings but why not?

The crush guy? Obviously the mandolin player in stripey jacket.

Ben said...

Another friend told me about the $1 download and I forgot to do it. But I just might get the album for $6 anyway. The singer reminds me a bit of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, but better. I bet you like the xylophone/ keyboard/trumpet player.

skylark said...

Ben wins!

(though, to be sure, it's a glockenspiel, not a xylophone. i can be picky about my mallet instrument terminology.)

Ben said...

I thought to myself, "being an instrumentalist herself, she has to dig the mutli-instrumentalist". It makes perfect sense to a failed musician such as myself. I really dig their music, good times!

Sorry about the xylophone thing...I'm brass-centric.