Friday, August 8, 2008

cout << "blog post title";

When I was in high school I took a couple of computer programming classes. Why? I'm not really sure, probably just because they were there and I could. I did really well in them (once I got my projects done at the end of the semester...) and we had fun in the class: it was a great group, including one of my favorite people ever that I never get to see anymore. I also remember such highlights as seeing the C++ for You++ book on the shelf in the classroom, catching a glimpse of our Australian teacher's decades-old green card, and being introduced to and sb emails. Then the AP tests got me extra credits toward earlier registration dates in college. But it wasn't until just now that I recognized an extra perk of having dabbled in C++.

Not too long ago I applied for a non-technical position at a software company. They have a unique hiring process that involves several phases carried out over a period of a couple of months. I have cleared the first few hurdles and I was checking an online forum for information about what comes next and how much longer the whole process might take (since I can't stay unemployed in San Francisco for long and I would hate to miss out on another good option because I'm waiting for this one which may not be a sure thing anyway... see my conundrum? I guess it's nice to have options, even if they are still open-ended) and I found this (sorry! I can't make it any bigger here without making it blurry. Click on it and it will magically become magnified):

Okay so it's not really all that funny on its own; mostly I was just really tickled that I understood it. And then I felt kind of nerdy. But I'm okay with that. Kudos to you, fellow nerd, if you get it. (And if you don't, you can probably manage a smile of amusement at those usernames, anyway.)

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