Monday, August 25, 2008

there's something magical about california

Maybe it's the landscape. Or perhaps it's the people.

Maybe it's the weather. Or something in the water.

Maybe it's simply the novelty of actually living here after I was so tired of my old town, the shock of my leap-of-faith move having worked out so well and so quickly, the thrill of starting fresh and making a new home and a new life for myself in a place that I love.

Maybe it's a little bit from all of the above, with a sprinkling of something else that I haven't identified.

Whatever it is that causes it, at least a couple of times a day I find myself suddenly re-cognizing the fact that I am here, and that I don't have to catch a flight back home in a couple of days, because I live here now. It's like waking up from a really good dream to find that it was real, after all.


rantipoler said...

Yes, yes, yes. I have been to many different places in the world, but it always draws me back. I'm so happy that you are happy in my home state. I really love California.

Deborah said...

Emily I am with you on the California thing. It is a wonderful place. I loved growing up there and I am always drawn back.