Saturday, August 16, 2008

too bad i didn't have a pedometer

This is mostly to satisfy my own curiosity as to the question of just how far I walked on Wednesday, when the gorgeous weather lured me out to go traipsing all over the city. Maybe you care, too; maybe you don't. But after all, this is my blog, so I'm going to share the rundown anyway (distances courtesy of google maps):
  • 1.3 mi - home to sf public library
  • 2.4 mi - sf public library to golden gate park via mcallister & fulton
  • 2.3 mi - wanderings through gg park ending up at 19th & lincoln (distance is approximate, since i have no idea what exact path i followed)
  • 0.5 mi - 19th & lincoln to 16th & judah lightrail stop
  • 0.4 mi - church & duboce lightrail stop to home
  • 0.1 mi - home to 16th & church lightrail stop
  • 0.6 mi - 22nd & church lightrail stop to papalote (yummy mole burrito at 24th & valencia)
  • 1.2 mi - papalote to home
  • 0.4 mi - home to church & duboce lightrail stop
  • 0.3 mi - 23rd & judah lightrail stop to 22nd & lawton (church bldg for institute)
  • 0.4 mi - home to safeway (to get aloe lotion for the burn that came of all that walking in the sun!)
...which gives us a grand total of 9.9 miles. No wonder I was sore the next morning! But it felt great. It would be nice to always have that luxury of taking all the time in the world to walk wherever I want. I guess that's what vacations are for.

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