Wednesday, August 6, 2008

etxerantz sanfransiskon

It has been a week since I left Provo for good.

Last Wednesday I flew from Salt Lake to Oakland and then drove from Oakland to Elk Grove (near Sacramento). Okay so really my dad drove. Minor details. In Elk Grove we unpacked an embarassing number of suitcases and packed their contents in boxes which we then left in a storage facility, also known as the spare closet in my grandmother's house. On Friday we put the (mostly) empty suitcases in the car and drove back to the Oakland airport, where we returned the car, took the AirBART shuttle to the BART station, and rode the train into San Francisco, all the while lugging five large suitcases. Like I said, most of them were empty, but most of them were also of nearly identical size, so they weren't exactly convenient in the way that seven Russian nesting dolls conveniently combine into just one. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that we stopped at Vacaville on the way back to Oakland, for two very worthy causes: a Banana Republic outlet and an In-N-Out burger.

We arrived in SF and were greeted by my sister, her husband, and the cutest kid ever, also known as Jack. We dined lavishly at La Taquería (not that it's fancy, but oh so tasty), and from Mission Pie across the street we picked up dessert to take home: peach-blackberry pie and plum frangipane tarts. Yum!

I have been pretty busy this week with job interviews (hooray!) so that's my excuse for not having posted a single blog entry until now. There will be more to come soon, I promise. For now, enjoy the views...

...from the road between Sacramento & Oakland, near Vallejo/Benicia.
An oil refinery of sorts, I suppose, but it's more fun to use your imagination.
I like the shapes.

...from my window in San Francisco.

...from the back deck.

...of Mission Dolores with pink clouds at sunset.
This is the same building that you can see glimpses of in the view from my window.

...of Mission Dolores with lights at dusk.


FoxyJ said...

Cool! We'll be in Sacramento by tomorrow night--maybe we'll have to get together some time. And I'm on a committee that's organizing a conference for next spring, so maybe I'll have to recruit you to come present a paper so you can relive grad school :)

emily said...

awesome! i'd love to visit you in davis, or as my dad would say, "the people's republic of davis."

and if my first choice doesn't work out, i just might be missing grad school that much...