Monday, February 2, 2009

02: synecdochal attraction

It started when I decided to get a bike.

Once I had accepted the bicycle's potential to enrich my everyday existence and to open up new and wonderful opportunities, I suddenly noticed the two-wheeled beauties all around me. They were there before, of course; I just hadn't really seen them. I brushed them off as symbols of a sociomobile category that I did not belong to and that therefore did not concern me, or, even more coolly, as a mass of meaningless objects... stuff... clutter. No, come to think of it, I wasn't that cruel. I couldn't have been. Really, at the time I didn't give them much thought. I mean, I was aware of their existence, but I didn't sit around and contemplate the question of their immortality.

Soon after I determined to allow the bicycle concept to materialize as a real, living, breathing, moving thing, I found myself gawking at fine specimens like

(photo credit:

(photo credit: moriza)

(photo credit: PixelAndInk)

The intensity and frequency of my making eyes at the lovelies have held steady, if not increased, since I actually got a bike. The one I have is a good pal, reliable and comfortable, in excellent shape and pretty good looking, easy to get along with even though I'd been living without a bike for a decade and a half before we met. It's just a loaner, though, from my wonderful and generous sister, so sooner or later I'll give it back and invest in one of my own.

Ask: how could I have been so blind to these pretty, peace-loving beings with whom I had crossed paths so many times before? Well, it seems that in this, as in many contexts, it took an individual to open my eyes to the beauty of the group. With that introduction, I was then freed to discover the admirable qualities of other individuals. Now the difficulty lies in committing to just one.


FoxyJ said...

I've also experienced a fair amount of bike lust these days. My bike is an old one that I've had for a number of years and neglected for a time. So it's pretty rusty and doesn't work so well. But it gets me to class. I'm already looking around and hoping to get a cooler bike with better features soon.

chrome3d said...

I have a cruiser like the one in the first pic. It´s brownish and waiting for me in the garden shed until the spring comes and I´m still too lazy to take it to repair. It must be easier if it can be done all year.

Em said...

So once you DO get around to selecting one of your own, you'll have to fill us in and post photos. You know this, yes?

We have terrible bikes...but they work, and we can strap a seat onto the back of mine for Bee. Which is great when there's not 14 inches of snow. :-)