Monday, February 9, 2009

09: music-memory, three movements

Some songs will be forever linked to certain times in my life, certain places, certain people. When I hear the music I find myself for an instant in a familiar scene. Here are a few fragmentary examples, scribbled in my notebook a few months ago under the heading "musings & blunderings on a friday morning." (Click on the song titles to listen.)

I. "Let Go" (Frou Frou)

Swells of harmony rise from the floor, roll through the room in pulsing loops, envelop me and all the books and papers strewn about the couch and on the floor. Waking up to delirious brightness and dreaming harmony and my best friend at three a.m. in the place we called home.

II. "Boy With a Coin" (Iron and Wine)

July. Burning afternoon. Solitary walk uphill toward an open field. Accompanied only by a troubled mind. Trying to lend rhythm to disoriented soul.

III. "Við spilum endalaust" (Sigur Rós)

Stepping down from the Muni onto Judah St to be embraced by September sunshine or enveloped in chilly fog, either way a pulsing brilliance emanates from inside as the adventure begins to materialize and I am seeing that my whole life is energizing love.


Claire said...

oh man, that song always takes me back. i miss those days.

Jose Gonzalez said...

I heard Boy with a Coin not long ago only I didn't know who the artist was and wasn't able to jot down some lyrics to go look up it up. This song was ESPECIALLY HAUNTING sort of like the 13 ghosts only far more ghoulish in its bittersweet lilting desolation. I silently released the Gold Rush claim to identify this Muzik and trusted that the universe would re-unite me with the engineer of this delectable concoction of melodious profundity. Thus spoke Zarathustra, the cosmos tends to have the last word. Who am I to interfere with manifest destinario? The enjambment must go on...