Sunday, February 15, 2009

15: mustered

While in San Francisco yesterday, I spent a good amount of time wandering around Potrero Hill.

At one point I stopped in a little corner market and asked: 
—You wouldn't happen to have any yerba mate, would you?
—Yerba mate...?
—What? Mustard?
He finally pointed me to the selection of herbal teas. No yerba, of course, but the shop owner suggested Walgreens. I didn't go to Walgreens. I continued on my way, and laughed. I wasn't really expecting to find what I was looking for, but I wasn't expecting that much confusion, either. Silly me, I guess I should have. Nothing like sharing a hot cup of mustard with a friend on a cold rainy day, I suppose.

I had thought that I would find some (yerba, not mustard) in the Mission. I remember having seen a little shop on 24th St with an Argentine flag in its window, but somehow I missed it even as I strolled the length of it between Mission and Potrero. I think it's because I was on the phone with Claire. A worthy distraction, anyway.

After returning home, I sent an email out to a mailing list for area Argentines, asking where they buy their yerba. Instant responses. There seem to be several good options in the area, including a few near Palo Alto, as well as one on 24th in San Francisco—and now I know the cross-street!

Technology can be a wonderful thing.

(photo credit: Gerard Girbes)


Mac said...

Please find an Argentine heladeria by the name of "Tango Gelato." Please go there and choose the Tramontana flavor and enjoy (They could definitely tell you where to get una buena yerba mate). I've never been there but ever since I learned of its existence I have wanted to at least know if it truly was an authentic heladeria argentina or not. Even if you've never tasted Argentine helado before, please go and let me know if it is good.
PS. I'm not sure this place is still in business (seeing how their website is no longer functioning) but they used to have several places open in the Bay area.

Gerard Girbes said...

Thanks for using one my portfolio images for your post about yerba mate. I think I drink mate almost everyday.